Insurance Services

Healthcare Payer services

Mailroom Operations
  • Our team of specialists provide round the clock support in handling mail room operations such as sorting, scanning, indexing and allied data capture activities
Claims Indexing
  • We provide indexing & invoicing service for third party administrators (TPA) in the USA.
  • The scanned claim related documents are quickly indexed / triaged and routed to the adjuster to manage them consequently.
Medical Bill Review
  • Our teams of specialists enter the drug or service details, quantity of the medicine, provider details & CPT code in in the client’s review software for bill review process.
  • We help clients manage the cost of claims and facilitate online access for adjusters to view and release audited medical bills prior to finalization.
Utilization review
  • The utilization review process helps employers, insurers and claims administrators to review medical treatments to determine what is medically necessary.
  • Determination of medical treatment will be made according to the relevant authorities or with other evidence-based medical guidelines.
Bank Reconciliation
  • We compare and match figures between the client’s bank statement (supplied by the bank) with the corresponding amount shown in the client’s own accounting records at a particular point in time.
  • Any transactions in the accounting records not found on the bank statement or vice-versa are validated and accounted for. We maintain the client’s accounting records and perform reconciliations in systems such as Great Plains, Imprest system and CC Systems.
  • We Handle over 200+ accounts, generating bank statements from various multi-national banks