Our History

Pride was started in 1983 in New York by Leo James Russell, who continues to be our CEO. Pride started out, focused on providing IT services to financial institutions. Over the next 10 years, Pride became one of the largest minority-owned IT providers in the country with 25 branches and over 1,000 people nationwide. In 1997, Pride sold its distribution business to MicroAge of Tempe, Arizona. Pride then began to focus exclusively on providing IT services to Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies. Pride targeted a full range of IT services from help desk solutions to high-level placements within large corporate accounts. In 1999, Pride launched an advanced IT solutions practice, which encompassed sophisticated project management and contract CIO assignments.

In 2000, Leo was named the CIO and Executive Vice President of Young & Rubicam, one of the largest publicly traded advertising firms in the world. In this position, Mr. Russell was responsible for all decisions regarding the company's information technology strategy as well as software and hardware standards.

From 2001 to 2003, Leo Russell acted as a Managing Director of Lehman Brothers in the Venture Capital group. He also served on several boards and acted as principal in a number of investments made by Lehman Brothers Private Equity Group. In 2005, Jay Philip a Principal with Pride Global joined the Pride team and was instrumental in founding Pride’s businesses in India. Thus in 2006, Pride India started its operations in Chennai, Tamil Nadu focused on Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Services support to the Pride US entities. Over the years, Pride India grew its operations across other cities such as Mumbai and Baroda and also established itself in four key business areas that it currently continues to provide services in - Human Capital Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Shared Services and IT Services.